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xkcd explains the SSL Heartbleed bug really simply.

Are you still there, server? It's me, Margaret.

I made a new Nepali friend. Don’t be jealous, cats! (at Scheer Memorial Hospital)
This is the view from the hotel room balcony right now. No filter applied.
The air pollution around here sure is something.
They call this the ‘jumping man’ graft’.
at Himalayan Horizon Resort, Dhulikhel
This is the view from outside the Nepal Nursing Council. The four lady councillors were quite fond of me. It was awkward.
Controlled drugs? Nah, we don’t do that here. (at Scheer Memorial Hospital)
A few wires.
We’re four hours into this six-hour layover in Kuala Lumpur. It doesn’t really feel like I’m thousands of kilometers from home. (at Kuala Lumpur International Airport)

The thought of this mob swimming after you is horrifying.
Edit: /tiny leg flail

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